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Customized Leasing. Made Easy For You.

Fully Customized Industrial Equipment Leasing.

At Arundel Capital Corporation, we strive to find customized industrial equipment leasing requirements. We are driven to deliver true asset-based leasing across Canada. That means no formulas. No cookie-cutter leasing options. We always get to know your business first. From there, we tailor a lending structure based on your business’ distinct needs and credit profile.

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients. By working together, we can ensure you get the best possible service you need. Some might call our way of doing things old-fashioned. We call it common sense.

Looking for a common-sense approach to financing?


Asset Based Lending

We lend against real asset values without age restrictions. If there is value there, we can help you.


Flexible Payment Plans

Our payment plans are tailored to fit your cash flow cycles.


Common Sense Credit Approvals

If your business makes sense and you need the asset to make a living, we can help you.


Creative Solutions

We can look at alternative ways to structure and support a deal. We work to help you get the tools you need to earn a living.

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