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Equipment Leasing for Canada’s Transportation Industry

We know equipment can still hold value, even if it isn’t brand new. Arundel has no age restrictions or arbitrary rules on the types of transportation equipment we finance.

Your Trusted Leasing Partner

Arundel works with transport business owners across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec & Atlantic Canada to get the trucks & trailers (Highway and Vocational) they need with financing that makes sense for their unique business.

Financing Regardless of Age or Equipment Type

If you need to lease new or used, Arundel offers options that the banks can’t. We review all applications, with no restrictions on the equipment’s age or asset class. Each application is reviewed within 24 hours and every applicant is given feedback about the final outcome.

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Need working capital - and fast?

Approvals within 24 hours and 90-day, no-obligation quotes for when you find the right gear for the job.